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Available for purchase, these publications have been created specifically for athletic administrators and state athletic administrator association leaders.

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Paid Resources
Athletic Administration: A Comprehensive Guide

This guide provides practical materials, successful methods, innovative strategies, checklists and numerous examples of forms, letters and evaluation tools. It features information addressing Athletics and the Law, Risk Management, Personnel, Finance, Turf Management, Public Relations, Student-Athlete Guidelines, Sportsmanship, Fundraising and Promotions, and more. Plus, download forms that might be applicable to your program without having to keystroke the entire form.

After School Event Emergency Plan

This plan outlines procedures for addressing emergencies that occur at after school events, including medical, fire, severe weather, violence, power outages, bomb threats, missing child and more.

Interscholastic Athletic Administration (IAA) Magazine Archive

Access previous issues of the IAA—a quarterly print magazine created BY athletic administrators FOR athletic administrators—by purchasing an annual subscription membership ($20 for U.S.-based, $30 Canada). 

The IAA features articles to help interscholastic athletic administrators address daily challenges as well as annual award winners, state commendation information, and exclusive offers. 

NIAAA members receive a printed copy of the magazine and have access to all past issues with their membership.

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