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Can I take LTI courses if I’m not an athletic administrator?

We encourage anyone involved in interscholastic athletics to take our courses, including anyone looking to pursue a career in the field of athletic administration.

Do I have to be an NIAAA member to take LTI courses?

Membership isn’t required to take a course. However, it is highly recommended because you will save substantially on online courses, webinars and courses taken at the National Athletic Directors Conference.

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Why didn’t I receive credit for a course I took at our state conference?

Most likely, you did not put your NIAAA member ID number on the sign-in sheet. Course credit is given once the NIAAA office receives the course rosters and can verify each person's attendance. Sometimes, when we can give you credit all depends on when your state coordinator submits the course rosters to our office.

Can the LTI courses be used for Certified Education Units (CEUs) or college credit?

The LTI courses can be used for CEU credit, depending on your state or school district policies. Please check with your State Executive Director or NIAAA Liaison to see if your state has accepted our courses for CEUs.

There are a number of universities/colleges across the country that incorporate our LTI courses into their curriculum. Only those universities/colleges that we have a partnership with will receive credit for LTI courses that can be used toward certification. View our list of affiliated universities/colleges.

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