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Certification FAQs


Do I have to be an athletic administrator to get certified?

The RAA, RMSAA and RIAA are the only designations that do not require experience as an athletic administrator. You only need proof of a bachelor’s degree.

What qualifies as proof of a bachelor’s degree?

Proof of a bachelor’s degree can be a copy or photo of your college diploma or verified university transcripts.

If I don’t have a bachelor’s degree, what are my options for certification?

We offer an education waiver with a sliding scale of considerations for your experience, college courses and Leadership Training Institute (LTI) courses. Please complete this form to request our education waiver.

If I don’t have two or more years of experience as an athletic administrator, what are my options for certification?

We encourage you to apply for the RAA, RMSAA or RIAA. These designations do not require experience as an athletic administrator. You only need proof of a bachelor’s degree.

What if I’m missing a course(s) on my transcript?

Please complete our Credit Inquiry form. Allow 4 weeks from the time you completed the Leadership Training Institute (LTI) course before you submit a credit inquiry.

I want to apply for the CAA exam, but I don’t have enough credits. Where can I earn additional credits?

The two most common areas that candidates fail to consider are actually expected job duties and responsibilities of an active athletic administrator. You can find them listed in Section III.C­­—Media and Section III.D­—Speaking Responsibility of the Personal Data Form (PDF).

Media credits may be earned from:

  • Published articles at the national, state or local level, including the high school or local newspaper
  • Radio/TV or service club appearances promoting athletic programming at the national, state or local level
  • Creating and/or editing student, coach, faculty and/or district handbooks that relate to athletic administration
  • Maintaining your school's athletic department website or your state association's website
  • Managing the athletic department's social media accounts for your school
  • Producing seasonal athletic programs that include schedules, rosters, sponsors, etc.

Speaking Responsibility credits may be earned from speaking at events including:

  • Speaker/panelist at the national, state or local level
  • Moderator/presider at the national, state or local level
  • Pre- and/or post-season meetings for students and/or parents
  • Emcee/moderator at athletic banquets
  • Faculty meetings
  • Special events

Can I take the CAA or CIAA exam online?

Absolutely! We no longer offer paper exams, so whether you are taking the exam in your state, at the National Conference or via ProctorU, it will all be through our Online Classroom.

What is ProctorU?

ProctorU is an online proctoring service we use that allows approved applicants to take the CAA or CIAA exam from the comfort of their home or office.

When you submit your Personal Data Form (PDF), make sure to indicate that you would like to take the exam via ProctorU. Once you are approved, you will be emailed the instructions to set up your exam. Taking the exam via ProctorU costs an additional $42.50 per attempt, and you can schedule the exam at a time and date that works best for you.

I received my CAA before LTC 503 was required. Now I would like to apply for my CMAA. Do I have to take LTC 503 to apply?

Yes, you must meet ALL requirements to apply for the CMAA.

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