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Become an even better athletic administrator

Just like teachers, principals, and superintendents, athletic administrators like you need ongoing training to best serve in your role.

Consider this: What department in your high school has the highest potential for risk? Athletics.

It is the largest department in a lot of high schools. It has the most students participating in it. It has the most staff to manage. It might have the biggest budget to oversee. And it often gets the most attention in the community.

That’s why it is critical for athletic administrators like you to have ongoing professional development and leadership training to ensure you have the expertise you need to minimize risk and protect your student-athletes, your athletic department and your school.

PDA Handbook

Professional Development Academy

The NIAAA’s Professional Development Academy includes the Leadership Training Institute (LTI), the Certification Program, Assessment, and Educational Initiatives.

Download our Professional Development Academy Handbook for everything you need to know.


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