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Explore these free resources we have created and curated for athletic administrators and state athletic administrator association leaders.

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Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

Each year, the NIAAA (in partnership with the NFHS) produces and distributes PSAs addressing the biggest topics in education-based athletics. Download free PSAs customized for your state!

A Profile of Athletic Administration

This digital publication is a helpful resource for principals and superintendents, as it details the role of an athletic administrator, why professional development is important, how to evaluate an athletic administrator and an athletic program, and more.

Athletic Administrator Job Description and Evaluation

These documents provide a detailed job description for athletic administrators, outline the 14 legal duties of athletic personnel, and help supervisors understand what athletic administrators should be evaluated on. Feel free to edit to your school’s liking.

New Athletic Director Welcome Packet

Are you new to athletic administration? Or are you looking for more information on how to get the most out of your NIAAA membership? This resource details what the NIAAA can do for you.

Ad insider

In partnership with Clell Wade Coaches Directory, AD Insider is a resource with practical advice on areas of daily athletic administration. Content is published weekly, catering specifically to education-based athletic administrators.

Position Statements

The NIAAA Resolutions Committee identifies and researches contemporary issues that impact education-based athletics and athletic administration. These Position Statements reflect the NIAAA’s current stances on these issues.

Professional Development Academy Handbook

This resource contains everything you need to know about the NIAAA’s Certification Program, Leadership Training Institute course descriptions, educational initiatives and more.

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