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The NIAAA is the first athletic administration association to offer professional development accredited by Cognia—giving our program the same pedigree as Career, Technical and Post-Secondary Institutions.

Being awarded a mark of quality and distinction through Cognia’s ongoing review process demonstrates our ability to meet and exceed national and international standards of excellence.

Through accountability, continuous self-study and assessment, we are committed to continuous improvement and quality assurance of our programs and professional development services.

Cognia’s accreditation status is granted for five years. Our initial accreditation was granted in 2011 and has been renewed every five years since following Cognia’s annual and five-year reviews.

Earning Cognia’s accreditation has had significant positive implications for the NIAAA, our members, our state associations and our University Program partners.

It is an achievement that we are extremely proud of and an accomplishment that is owned by every member of the NIAAA.


Benefits of Cognia Accreditation

  • Recognizes the NIAAA Certification Program as the premier credentialing for interscholastic athletic administrators
  • Gives credibility to all programs administered by the NIAAA
  • Demonstrates the NIAAA’s commitment to providing quality learning
  • Provides our state associations with an elevated status within their state’s educational community as the member of an accredited institution
  • Means more states will recognize NIAAA certification as the paramount acceptable credentialing and/or certification program for interscholastic athletic administrators
  • Provides financial enhancements for athletic administrators who achieve certification
  • Means more school districts will include NIAAA certification as a job requirement for athletic administrators
  • Compels State Departments of Education to grant Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to individuals who complete Leadership Training Institute (LTI) courses
  • Assures our University Program partners that the NIAAA materials being used in the college curriculum are of equal quality and standard as any other materials being used
  • Includes the NIAAA as a member of the global community of accredited educational institutions recognized throughout the education community
  • Provides the NIAAA with access to Technical Assistance, Peer Review and Support, Research-Based Educational Products and Services, and a Worldwide Research Network

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